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Tea Tree Combo Set
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- 75+ Washes Per Bar
- Prevent Dandruff & Dryness
- Eco-Friendly
- Natural Ingredients
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Clean Tangerine | Solid Deodorant Stick 2-Pack

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Clean Tangerine | Solid Deodorant Stick 2-Pack

How subscription works

Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.


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Coco Sulfate
A natural cleanser derived from coconuts relieves dry hair and prevents dandruff.

Coconut Oil
Extracted from the meat of a mature coconut, coconut oil is naturally packed with vitamins and fatty acids to nourish the scalp. It will grow your hair longer, thicker, and faster naturally.

Cocoa Butter
Extracted from cocoa beans, this butter is packed with moisturizing vitamins that keeps your hair soft, healthy, and prevents frizz. Its also great for grey and color treated hair.

Argan Oil
Plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic to Morocco is very beneficial in protecting your hair from damage. By reducing breakage and split ends, this oil will keep your hair thicker and fuller.

Fragrance Oil Blend
Less then 1% of our ingredients is fragrance from essential oils.

Derived from vitamin B5 (produced from plants), this ingredient penetrates the hair shaft, and helps improve moisture retention.
Food Grade Color
We use this natural coloring that is 100% safe for your hair and even eat.
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Verified purchase - -- 2020/07/09

Smells nice, cleans my hair, no plastic. Love it!

Jennifer H.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/01/22

Great shampoo bar that doesnt leave residue behind. For for fine hair.

Lia S.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/03/04

I love these shampoo bars! Not only are they made in the USA but my hair looks and feels healthy after using the shampoo and conditioner combination. As to the smell, I was pleasantly surprised how the Argan Oil smelled. Not too overpowering. I'v been spreading the word!

Samantha J.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/06/18

I have color treated hair & I use the unscented and it does not affect my color at all. My hair is so much softer! Love this shampoo & conditioner

Pennie P.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/02/12

Love my beauty box! Shipping is fast everytime and my hair has never felt better! There are also 3 of us using the same shampoo bar and it lasts way longer then I expected.

Jeri M.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/02/14

Theses are truly great Shampoos. My hair love them.And so does our Environment! And one bar lasts my 3 family members all month.

Paula C.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/01/02

Received mine a few days ago. Love love love them, the smell top notch! I'm a hair stylist, salon owner and I wish I could use these at work. My reason for trying in the first place is to get ride of as much plastic usage as I can. So I'm absolutely delighted that this shampoo bar works great for me! Now just to convince the rest of my housemates

Nancy V.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/07/01

I just received my first order and used the shampoo this morning! Great smell and great lather! The conditioner is very light and left my hair feeling very soft and manageable! Very happy with the product.Hoping it will also help with my thinning hair over time 🤞😊 Thankyou!!

Fiona S.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/07/10

This is the only shampoo my husband has found for his very oily hair. He can shampoo in the morning and his hair looks clean all day. ❤️👍

Michele F.
Verified purchase - -- 2020/07/11

These are great! Im buying again!

Cathy W.